Country on Stage: The Netherlands

JEC World 2022 DAY 2: Composites Ecosystem in the Netherlands: Boosting the Value Chain and Sustainable Excellence

The Composites Industry trade association of the Netherlands, CompositesNL, welcomes you to our session. In full support of the JEC 2022 theme, we will showcase the intertwined progress of composites technology and sustainability in our country. Three sectors will be in the spotlight: Automotive, Marine and Aerospace, providing a broad overview of innovation within these industries. Finally, the book “Designing Lightness for Sustainability” will be presented, a look back at the innovations and developments in the last 25 years.

Get to know more about the composites ecosystem in the Netherlands and its international outreach through representative business cases on automotive, aerospace, maritime, construction and 3D printing, involving the entire value chain of the Dutch Composites Sector. Visit us at JEC2022, Hall 5, Booth E80/E82. And follow us at @CompositesNL.

Rudy JURG, Sales Manager, Rondal
Jean-Pierre HEIJSTER, Program Manager Manufacturing & Materials, Rai Automotive Industry
Edwin VAN HINTE, Founder, Lightness Studios
Adriaan BEUKERS, Prof. Em. TUDelft, AB Composites Consultants
Tahira AHMED, Chairwoman, CompositesNL
Tjaard SIJPKES, CTO, Ebusco
Arnt OFFRINGA, Director Global Tech Center, GKN Aerospace
Willem BÖTTGER, Director Innovation, NPSP
Arnold DE BRUIJN, Sector Manager, Netherlands Maritime Technology (NMT)
Peter BOER, Head of New Technology, Collins Aerospace
Jason PALMER, Journalist, The Economist



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