JEC World 2022 DAY 2: EMI shielding, thermal and electrical conductivity for the Composite Industry utilizing Novel technology like graphene in 2D and 3D structure.

EMI Shielding and thermal as well as electrical conductivity allows the Composite Market to extend its reach into new additional applications. This can only be accomplished with novel technology, state of the art science and professional implementation on application opportunities. This patent pending technology enables Composite part to show antistatic, electrical and thermal conductive properties which provide value added application performances. 2D materials around the Graphene technology enables to design based on customer needs following features and benefits: 1 Elimination of Static, 2 Shielding of EMF, 3 Improvement of Chemical resistance, 4 Light weight, 5 Easy molding, 6 Design freedom and integration of part, 7 Lower cost than aluminium.

Christian OBERLEITNER, CEO, SP2Carbon Europe
Rudolph OLSON, General Manager and CTO, CFOAM



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