JEC World 2022 DAY 1: Sustainable robotic manufacturing of lightweight metamaterials structures

Since 2018, GRADEL is developing a “GRADEL robotic additive manufacturing” (GRAM) equipment capable to produce 2D up to complex 3D structures, very lightweight and stiff using unidirectional continuous wet fibers. GRADEL will present a case study of a “SPACE” component which has been realized in collaboration with its partner THALES ALENIA SPACE by highlighting the advantages and USP’s of the GRAM. The simulation driven engineering process as well as the compact impregnation system on the robot are unique and allow highest flexibility for the use of mineral and bio-based fibers and resins. GRADEL has the intention to open the market to Tier 1 Suppliers and OEM’s interested to produce lightweight components using GRAM, for their sustainable manufacturing process.

David MACIEIRA, Head of Lightweight Design Department, GRADEL
Gilles POMMATAU, Material and Mechanical Engineer, Thales Alenia Space



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