2023 JEC Composites Innovation Awards Winner - Toyota Industries Corporation

100% Recycled Cf Spun Yarn and Applied Products by TOYOTA INDUSTRIES CORPORATION (Japan) and partner(s): Kurimoto, Ltd – Nagoya University – NAKASHIMA PROPELLER Co., Ltd – Toyota Central R&D Labs – Toyota Motor Corporation – Uster technologies AG

100% recycled CF spun yarn compatible to pultrusion process. Establishment of comprehensive CF circulation system from recycling to product application.
CFRP properties of rCF spun yarn achieve about 70% tensile strength and 90% elastic modulus compared to virgin CFRP. There is no limitation to the process and matrix, and we are the world’s first manufacturer that successfully utilizes rCF in pultrusion molding with epoxy resin. Due to wind energy market growth, we expect future rCF spun yarn application to the demand for carbon neutral production for wind power generation blades. Furthermore, we established a comprehensive CF recycling system from CF recovery to reproduction (…).

Key benefits

Applicable recycle CF to pultrusion molding using epoxy matrix
Recycled CFRP highly compatible with virgin CFRP performance
A comprehensive high value CF recycling system
High compatibility for existing process and resin matrix
Low environmental impact

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