Conferences sessions #4 - New applications for thermoplastics composites

JEC Forum DACH 2021 - DAY 2 Speakers: Marcus Kremers, Airborne, Hans Luinge, Toray Advanced Composites, Pascal Kube, Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH, Markus Hildebrandt, INOMETA GmbH , Dr. Jochen Pflug, Econcore

- Fast and flexible automation of continuous fibers composites for E-mobility
Marcus Kremers, Airborne

- Thermoplastic Composites for sustainable mobility
Hans Luinge, Toray Advanced Composites

- Laser assisted tape winding of high performance tapes - Analyzing the influence of placement speed
Pascal Kube, Teijin Carbon Europe GmbH
Markus Hildebrandt, INOMETA GmbH

-Thermoplastic honeycomb cores for automotive applications
Dr. Jochen Pflug, Econcore

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