JEC World 2022: JEC Composites Innovation Awards Ceremony - Design, Furniture & Home category

Discover the Design, Furniture & Home category with the 3 finalists and the winner of the JEC Composites Innovation Awards!
Finalists Design, Furniture & Home:
- Gurit UK Ltd
- Toray Carbon Magic Co., Ltd.

Kairos won this year the Design, Furniture & Home award for its Kairling® innovation, a recyclable and compostable biomaterial. These bio-panels present a light weight, easy machining, controlled thickness and surface finish. At each stage of its life cycle, from the flax cultivation which compose it to its end of life, the Kairlin® has been designed and validated at an industrial scale to have a high degree of sustainability in its composition and process. Kairlin® is produced within a very short supply chain, from the flax cultivated and transformed in Normandy (France).

Partners(s): Ecotechnilin, France - University of South Brittany, France - University Of Portsmouth, UK

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