COMPOSITES EXCHANGE by EuCIA (European Composites Industry Association)

JEC World 2022 DAY 3:The role of composites in the circular economy

In this session EuCIA will update you on the opportunities and challenges for the European Composite Industry in the coming decades, in relation to the circularity of materials and products. Being in the Callum between the composite industry (as European representative of 14 national and sectoral composite associations), the end-users of composites (via the partnerships with several European Industry Associations where composite materials are applied) and the policy makers (via EuCIA's multiply connections with the European Commission and other European policy making bodies), EuCIA is in the position to have a good view on the developments, specifically in the field of sustainability and circularity of composites. European initiatives, like the European Green Deal, offer the industry great opportunities, such as the enormous increase of required capacity of offshore wind energy (+300GW in 2050) and storage capacity of hydrogen in cars, where composites can play an important role. With that, the challenge to come up with real circular solutions for the end-of-use phase of the composite life cycle becomes more important.

Ben DROGT, Managing Director, European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)
Roberto FRASSINE, President, European Composites Industry Association (EuCIA)



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