JEC World 2022 DAY 3: When it really matters: kuraray's high-performance polymers provide the performance you need

GenestarTM PA9T is a special semi-aromatic (terephthalic acid) polyamide engineering plastics composed of C9 monomers, which was commercialized by Kuraray for the first time. This product is well applicable in numerous modifications such as fibres, films or resin. Based on this very different and versatile subsequent processing is possible. We introduce the superior performance of GenestarTM PA9T especially desired for very demanding applications and environments. More specific fibre reinforced composites such as UD tapes and organo sheets shall be described in detail. In addition Kuraray’s leading products on vibration damping will be discussed. Different application areas are highlighted.

Robert FUSS, Head of New Business Development, Kuraray Europe
Amir BAHRAMI, Market Development & Technical Expert, Kuraray Europe



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