COMPOSITES EXCHANGE by E-Learning Composites Academy

JEC World 2022 DAY 3:Innovative 4.0 training dedicated to the transformation processes of thermoset and thermoplastic composites

Discover the innovative and cognitive 4.0 concept of the ""E-Learning Composites Academy"" training. In order to approach the learning and mastery of thermoset and thermoplastic materials in a simple and structured way, a new pedagogical approach aimed at appropriating knowledge of polymer transformation has been specially developed by Composites Expert. Tools have been designed to combine the theoretical part (E-Learning course platform) and the practical part (BOXs, software, process simulator, exercises through manipulation) to observe complex phenomena, with the aim of mastering and optimising transformation processes.
The aim of this presentation is to introduce you to the learning method and the interactivity of the teaching aids used in industry and education.
The objective for participants will be to discover a unique form of learning highlighting cutting-edge technologies and for Composites Expert to gain commercial exposure to an international audience.

Auressia CAUCHOIS, Training Manager, E-Learning Composites Academy
Jean-Pierre CAUCHOIS, CEO, Composites Expert
Michel GLOTIN, Scientific Advisor for Materials – Arkema, Chairman Excellence Committee, Composites Academy



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