JEC World 2022 DAY 2: Liquid compression molding (LCM) epoxy technology for structural underbody and battery tray applications

Electric vehicles are on the rise continuing to increase their driving range with higher weight and more energy-dense battery packs. The structural integrity to support the weight can be built in the battery tray or a so-called skateboard chassis is chosen including a base structure housing the batteries, electric motors and other electronic components. Liquid Compression Molding (LCM) is a fast epoxy process technology for manufacturing of structural parts with continuous carbon or glass fibre in cycle times of less than 90 seconds. LCM can be complimentary to adopted HP-RTM technology when the two processes are combined in one manufacturing cell. Process selection, design criteria, and mechanical/fire resistance performance will be illustrated for potential EV structural underbody and battery tray applications.

Stephen GREYDANUS, NA Automotive Business Development Manager, Westlake Epoxy (formerly “Hexion Coatings and Composites”)
Brent COLLYER, VP Engineering Leaf springs, R&D Director Lightweighting, Rassini International



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