JEC World 2022 DAY 3: EPIKOTE™ TexFix™ - challenging the status quo in pereform binder technology

Epoxy-based preform binders haven been successfully employed in composites manufacturing (RTM, infusion) for decades. While the composite technology and chemistry have evolved rapidly, the preform binders seem to be lagging behind. Meanwhile, high-performance resins are employed, high throughput rates are realized, and even larger parts are being built. Binders are now required to enable stiffer preforms, improved hot-wet performance, wash-out resistance and even better compaction. The EPIKOTE™ TexFix™ preform binders were developed with the aim to provide just that and more. The EPIKOTE™ TexFix™ curing and reversible binders and their advantages over legacy products will be presented during the session.

Dr. Krzysztof GUGULA, Team Leader R&D Composites, Westlake Epoxy (formerly “Hexion Coatings and Composites”)





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