JEC World CAMPUS : Showcasing Universities and Institutes Trainings

Each year, the universities and training centers of JEC World's CAMPUS come on stage to pitch their programs !

The composite materials industry is growing and evolving rapidly, with new materials, technologies, and applications emerging all the time. Universities and training institutes have an important role to play in preparing the current and next generation of engineers and scientists to work in this dynamic field. In this session, our partners will present their composite materials’ related trainings and the opportunities and challenges of proposing and implementing such programs. Topics will include the need for such trainings, the types of courses and the resources and infrastructure required. Representatives from renowned universities and institutes will share their experiences for developing and strengthening composite materials education at all levels.

15.30 - 15.35 : Introduction by Ignaas VERPOEST, Professor Emeritus
15.35 -  15.45 : KU Leuven by Yentl SWOLFS, Research Professor
15.45 - 15.55 : Polyvia Formation by Marina THIBERT, Educational Coordinator
15.55 -  16.05 : Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL) by Veronique MICHAUD, Head of LPAC
16.05 -  16.15 : E-learning Composites Academy by Composites Expert by Auressia CAUCHOIS, Training Manager
16.15 -  16.25 : Hanyang University by Sung HA, Professor
16.25 -  16.35 : Institut Mines-Télécom by Ka Ho YIM, Professor; Severine BOYER, CNRS Researcher and Quentin GOVIGNON, Maître-Assistant
16.35 -  16.45 : The Native Lab (Managing Composites) by Tommaso MULLEJANS, Business Unit Manager
16.45 -  16.55 : Nantes Université by Christophe BINETRUY, Professor
16.55 -  17.05 : Politecnico di Milano by Roberto FRASSINE, Professor
17.05 -  17.15 : TU Dresden by Friedrich TOEPFER, Research Associate
17.15 -  17.25 : University of Patras by Vassilis KOSTOPOULOS, Director of Applied Mechanics Laboratory

Prof Ignaas VERPOEST, Emeritus Professor - Composite Materials Group , KU Leuven

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