MolecularGRIP: a Major Leap Forward in Solvent-free Surface Functionalization for Adhesive Bonding

MPG will present its MolecularGRIPTM range of solutions which are based on its proprietary Molecular Plasma Technology. MolecularGRIPTM addresses many of the challenges of the composite industry such as adhesive bonding of dissimilar and inert materials (Polyolefins, fluorinated polymers, etc…) and sensitive materials (Cellulose, Biopolymers, etc…) as well as EHS concerns related to solvent-based primers.

Additionally, surface functionalization with MolecularGRIPTM is permanent which enables storage of pre-treated parts for many weeks. In this webinar, we will discover all the advantages of MolecularGRIPTM: Competitive Total Cost of Ownership Easily scalable, solvent-free process that operates at room temperature On ANY material 100 % inspection & traceability of the treatment No EHS concerns Speakers Marc JACOBS, CEO @ Molecular Plasma Group Marc Jacobs holds a Masters in Engineering from the University of Leuven and a Sloan MSc in Leadership & Strategy from London Business School. He is a serial entrepreneur and author of the book ‘Negotiate like a local, 7 mindsets to increase your success rate in international business’.

His latest venture is Molecular Plasma Group, a high technology start-up revolutionizing plasma-based surface functionalisation. He is MPG’s CEO and one of the main investors. Bernard NISOL, Lead Scientist @ Molecular Plasma Group Bernard Nisol holds a Masters Degree in Chemical Sciences and a PhD in Materials and Plasma Chemistry both from the Université Libre de Bruxelles. Prior to joining MPG, he worked as a Research Associate at the Polytechnique in Montreal designing plasma reactors and developing plasma coatings.

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