Transformation of Performance Composites into Mass Production

"Learn new ways to produce thermoplastic composite components! This webinar will introduce Progano®, a Lightweight Composite highly developed through the combination of continuous glass fibers and polypropylene. This innovative material is used by

Discover how Progano’s Lightweight Composite is: - Lighter: Progano components weigh up to 30% less and can be created using less material - Stronger: Progano is at least 50% stronger than aluminum alloys of a similar proportion - Faster: Reduced manufacturing durations and costs through the direct integration of and offers the advantage of the integration of functional elements in a single component fabrication process - Sustainable: Progano is completely recyclable for environmental sustainability and proven to be reusable in high-level materials In this webinar you will get insights about this new composite, the industrial-scale production, and examples of its applications: - High-efficiency composite - Cost-effectiveness - Technology advantage in the industrial UD-tape and Progano-sheet production - Quality control: Inline inspection and glass fiber roving lab - Modular capacity extension from 2.000 to 16.000 tons

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