Plasmabound: Advanced composite bonding: Plasmabound’s CPA Surface preparation technology

This University College Dublin spin-out aims to help industries lose weight and reduce their CO2 footprint globally!

Methods to improve adhesive bonding of fibre reinforced polymer composites, both improving bond performance and reducing operational steps in achieving these bond improvements. This presentation will review the benefits and pitfalls associated with current process and technology applications and will subsequently focus on PlasmaBound's offering to this critical area, enabling the broader adoption of these lightweight materials into a greater range of markets.


Nick BARRY, Co-founder and CTO, PlasmaBound
Dr Nick Barry is the Co-founder and CTO of PlasmaBound (also, inventor of the PlasmaBound technology, CPA). He was awarded his PhD from University College Dublin (UCD and is a process development and New Technology Introduction (NTI) specialist with 10 years’ R&D experience.

Conor LUTTRELL, R&D Manager, PlasmaBound
Conor is an experienced research engineer with a demonstrated history of working with composite materials in academic and industry-based projects. Skilled in composite processing, non-destructive testing, mechanical testing, and composite repair.

Sebastiaan WIJSKAMP, Technical Director @ TPRC

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